Ceramics: Four week Saturday course

This four week course will run on Saturdays from 10.30-2.30. It will be run by both Fiona and Chris, and is aimed mainly at those with a little prior experience who’d like to develop their skills. You are also welcome to join us as a complete beginner. Fiona specialises in handbuilding and the surface, and Chris mainly focuses on thrown tableware and low tech print techniques. Cyan Clayworks is a non-profit space and working ceramic studio. 

As an underlying structure, we will cover a range of creative ceramic techniques. As each session is four hours, it will allow us to go into more detail as and when relevant. The course will include wheel throwing, coil building, slab building, and the surface – including slip application, basic printing, stencilling and glazing. It will include planning forms and surface, learning about the different stages of working with clay, and developing your own unique pieces. Each week we will introduce a couple of processes, and  you will be able to choose from all or some of these. For example, beginners may like to try all the different options to get a taste of various creative approaches. If you have prior experience of clay you may decide to take a more project based approach and narrow down your focus, or maybe revisit some areas in more depth. We will work with everyone as individuals so can help you with your particular interests, and can go into more detail on particular areas as and when required. With both of us running the course, everyone will have plenty of hands-on support with whatever they choose to work on. 

£200 per person, inclusive of booking fee, materials,preparation, glazing and firings. 

Coffee and tea provided, bring a snack/lunch if you like as we’ll take a quick break half way through each session. Aprons available, and we would recommend you wear clothes you don’t find getting messy.