Ceramics: Saturday course

This course will run over 5 weeks on Saturdays from 10.30 -1.30, and will be run by Chris. It is mainly aimed at those with a little prior experience who would like to develop their skills further. During the course you will be able to explore different clay making processes; slab building, press moulding, tiles and wheel throwing. The focus will be on the functional pot for the kitchen and table. We will cover the basics of wheelthrowing, and more intermediate techniques. Chris will show you how to develop and make a range of forms such as bowls, cups, plates and vases, and make and apply handles, spouts and lids. You will learn about preparing and using clay slabs at different stages to construct unique vessel forms, and develop your own style of pots. 

We will also cover surface decoration and finishing techniques: slip decoration and glazing. This will include different approaches to applying coloured slips through brushing and simple printing, stecilling, markmaking and applying glaze.

£185 per person, inclusive of materials,preparation and firings. 

Small class sizes so enough hands-on input for everyone; max numbers 6 for this class.