Ceramics: Wheelthrown pots

This four week course, run by Chris on Tuesdays from 6-8.30), is suitable for adult learners who would like to focus on developing their wheelthrowing skills. Ideally you will have used a wheel before, whether that’s just once or twice, or you have been on a course before. (Throwing can be quite a demanding process, so its useful  if you have some prior knowledge). You will have a wheel each (there are three places) and will be able to learn at your own pace. You may have particular aspects you want to develop, whether that’s making repeat forms, scaling up, composite forms, or simply becoming more confident and proficient on the wheel. Firstly taking you through  the essentials of preparing the clay, centering, hollowing out, making the form of choice; you will then move onto to trimming, handles and spouts etc. as required. A variety of surface decoration techniques (using slips and glazes) will be also covered; exploring texture, pattern, colour and markmaking at different stages. Each technique will be demonstrated at the start, and you will be able to work on projects of your own design. Chris will talk you through many aspects of making wheel thrown pots, from planning, researching forms, integrating surface and form, and functional considerations. There are  lots of books and journals here for inspiration which you are welcome to browse while you’re here.

Small class sizes (strictly limited to three only on this course) mean lots of hands on support for everyone. All materials and tools are provided, and your work will be fired for you. We would recommend wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting messy, and there are aprons here to use. Our friendly working studio is a not-for-profit space. We have over twenty years experience of ceramics each; we make our own ceramic work as well as teaching at the studio, so you will be able to see our work in progress. Chris is an experienced tableware maker and has taught many people to throw.